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Local Bibliography

The books listed here are available as online digital books:
Compiled by Mrs. Frank Boggs, Josephine Leffler and Eudora Crittenden, El Toyon Chapter, NSDAR
Stockton Times, Vols I-II, 1850-1851
San Joaquin Republican, Vols I-II, 1851-1852
Stockton Journal, Vols I, III, V, 1852
August 1850 - December 1865
Compiled by Annice Flack, Dorothy Bredy, Roberta McKenzie, Myrna Sievers and Regina Ulmer the San Joaquin Genealogical Society, 1969
January 1866-December 1884
Compiled by the San Joaquin Genealogical Society, 1973
Located 4 miles South of Lodi
Compiled by the LDS Church Genealogical Committee, 1956
Compiled by the LDS Church Genealogical Committee, 1956
by George H. Tinkham, 1923
by Travis Haroldsen, 2003

Lockeford, California
Atlanta, San Joaquin County, California
The books listed below all involve topics related to San Joaquin County, its communities, and its residents. To locate most of these books in a library near you, visit WorldCat.
NOTE: A few books are not listed in WorldCat. Some can be found in the catalog of the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library; these books are marked with a single red asterisk (*) at the end of the listing. Others can be found in the online catalog at; these books are marked with a double blue asterisk (**). You may also try searching Go-Cat, the online catalog of the Irving Goleman Library at San Joaquin Delta College; PacificSearch, the online catalog for the libraries at the University of the Pacific; or the online catalog of the Lodi Public Library.
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Books by SJGS Members (Past and Present)
Charlotte Cameron
  • History of Thornton. Galt, CA: Galt Historical Society, 2014. *
Naomi McCallum Carey
  • Footprints in time; a short history of Woods School District. 1967.
  • Index to History of San Joaquin County, California by George Tinkham (with Mary Diel Thomason and George Tinkham). Lodi, CA: Carey-Thomason, 1991. *
  • Mountain Men to Astronauts. Lodi, CA: Duncan Press, 1993. *
Barbara Crowell Filbin
  • Civil War veterans of San Joaquin County, California: index and photos included. B.C. Filbin, 2012. *
  • Descent from John Crowe of Yarmouth and 70 related New England families to Charles Crowell and Susan Ploof: pioneers of the Blackbird, Thurston County, Nebraska (with Clayton Lee Crowell). Honolulu, HI: Clayton Lee Crowell, 2006.
  • Four lost pioneer cemeteries in northern San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2013.
  • Glenview Cemetery, Clements, San Joaquin County, California: burial index and tombstone photos included. B.C. Filbin, 2012. **
  • Live Oak Cemetery: San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2008.
  • Pioneer Elliott Cemetery: San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2008.
  • Pioneer Galt Cemetery, Sacramento County, California: index of pioneer burials, tombstone photos, 1860-1925. B.C. Filbin, 2008.
  • Pioneer Harmony Grove Cemetery: Lockeford, San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2012.
  • Pioneer Hicksville Cemetery: Sacramento County, California. B.C. Filbin, 2008.
  • Pioneer town of Liberty: San Joaquin, California: includes index and tombstone photos of burials in Liberty Cemetery 1846-2008. Lulu Press, 2008.
  • Pioneer town of Woodbridge: San Joaquin County, California: includes index and tombstone photos. Lulu Press, 2010.
Glenn Alvin Kennedy
  • The American ancestry of Yvonne Odette Kennedy. Salt Lake City, UT: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1982. *
  • Go West. Stockton, CA: Kennedy, 1967 (with Mallet Case Jackson and Annice M. Evans). *
  • History of Clay Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Stockton, California: an account of its founding and achievements through the years. Stockton, CA: 1966.
  • It happened in Stockton 1900-1925. Stockton, CA: 1967. *
  • Jackson School. Stockton, CA: Jackson Parent Teacher Association, 1973. *
  • Remembering Men and Women in the Stockton Rural Cemetery. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School District, 1991. *
  • Reuel Colt Gridley and his sack of flour. Stockton, CA: Stockton Rural Cemetery, 1962. *
  • St. Mark's Methodist Church: the story of its founding and achievements through the years as the Clay Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Chinese Methodist Episcopal Mission, Chinese Christian Center. Stockton, CA: 1968. *
  • Stockton area pioneers 1850-1900. Stockton, CA: 1992. (Available online at CAGenWeb)
J. Carlyle Parker
  • An annotated bibiliography [sic] of the history of Del Norte and Humboldt Counties. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State College Library, 1960.
  • Descendants of Gabriel Woodmancy/Woodmansee of New London, Connecticut: thirteen generations from 1665 (with Janet G Parker)Turlock, CA: Woodmansee Family Contributing Authors, 2009.
  • Directory of archivist and librarian genealogical instructors. Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing Co, 1990.
  • History of Merced County, California: with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, farms, residences, public buildings ... with biographical sketches of prominent citizens. Fresno, CA: California History Books, 1974.
  • History of Stanislaus County, California, index. Turlock, CA: Stanislaus State College Library, 1970.
  • Library service for genealogists. 1981 *
  • Memorial and biographical history of the counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Mariposa, California. Personal name index: Illustrated. Containing a history of this important section of the Pacific Coast from the earliest period ... and biographical mention of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of today. Turlock, CA: California State College, Stanislaus.
  • Nevada biographical and genealogical sketch index (with Janet G. Parker). Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing Co, 1986. *
  • Pennsylvania and Middle Atlantic states genealogical manuscripts: a user's guide to the manuscript collections of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, as indexed in its Manuscripts Materials Index microfilmed by the Genealogical Department, Salt Lake City. Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing Co, 1986.
  • A personal name index to Orton's "Records of California men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867." Detroit, MI: Gale, 1978. *
  • Rhode Island biographical and genealogical sketch index. Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing, 1991. *
  • Sources of Californiana: from patron to voter registration. Salt Lake City, UT: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1969.
Robert Shellenberger
  • Missus McLellan and the Ragtown rustlers: an incident on the California Trail in 1850. 1978.
  • Wagons west: trail tales, 1848. Stockton, CA: Heritage West Books, 1991. *
Local Authors of Note
Charles Bloch
  • A history of San Joaquin Delta College: from College of the Pacific beginnings to 1990. (Available at Goleman Library, San Joaquin Delta College)
  • A history of the public schools of Stockton, California. Stockton, CA: C.D. Bloch, 1962. *
Robert Eugene Bonta
  • Stockton's Historic Public Schools. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School District, 1981. *
  • The cross in the valley: the history of the establishment of the Catholic church in the northern San Joaquin Valley of California up to 1863. [Fresno, CA]: Academy of California Church History, 1963. (With the Academy of California Church History)
Leonard Covello
  • Cities & towns of San Joaquin County since 1847 (with Raymond W. Hillman). Fresno, CA: Panorama West Books, 1985.
  • Stockton memories: a pictorial history of Stockton, California (with R. Coke Wood). Fresno, CA: Valley Publishers, 1977. *
  • Stockton through the decades (with R.W. Hillman and Union Safe Deposit Bank). Union Safe Deposit Bank, 1981.
Olive Davis
  • From the Ohio to the San Joaquin: a biography of Captain William S. Moss, 1798-1883. Stockton, CA: Heritage West Books, 1991. *
  • The Slow, Tired, and Easy Railroad: the story of the Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad and its rough roadbed to success. Fresno, CA: Valley Publishers, 1976. *
  • Stockton: sunrise port on the San Joaquin (with Sylvia Sun Minnick and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce). Woodland Hills, CA: Windsor Publications, 1984. Sun Valley, CA: American Historical Press, 1998. *
  • Tales of a gold rush city: Stockton, California. Stockton, CA: Bluebird Publishing, 2003. *
Dawn Bohulano Mabalon
  • Filipina pioneers: the Pinay in Stockton, California, 1929-1946. Thesis/dissertation, 1997.
  • Images of America: Filipinos in Stockton. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2008 (with Rico Reyes, the Filipino American National Historical Society Stockton Chapter, and the Little Manila Foundation). *
  • Journey for Justice: The Life of Larry Itliong (with Gayle Romasanta and Andre Sibayan). Stockton, CA: Bridge and Delta Publishing, 2018. *
  • Life in Little Manila: Filipinas/os in Stockton, California, 1917-1972. Thesis/dissertation, 2003.
  • Little Manila is in the heart: the making of the Filipina/o American community in Stockton, California. Durham: Duke University Press, 2013. *
Stephen J. Mann / Christi Kennedy / Valdene Valenti
  • A history of the Lodi Grape Festival. Lodi CA: Delta Publishers, 1987.*
  • Lodi: the early years. Lodi CA: Delta Publishers, 1990-91. *
  • Remember when: Lodi in the fifties and sixties. Lodi CA: Delta Publishers, 1989. *
Delmar M. McComb
  • Beat! Beat! Drums! A history of Stockton during the Civil War; the first phase. Stockton, CA: 1965.*
  • Blow! Bugles! Blow! A history of Stockton during the Civil War; the final phase. Stockton, CA: 2012.*
  • The city of the great peace: an historical study of Stockton Rural Cemetery. Stockton, CA: McComb, 1961.*
  • The study of history: Papers presented by the students of History 10. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1974. [Contents: The great depression years in Stockton (1929-1932)/Donald K. Adams -- The founding of New Hope Colony and the mormons in the Stockton area/Steven M. Anthes -- A history of the Fox California Theater/Vicki Lee Benton -- Italian reaction in Stockton during World War II/Vincent E. DeSantis -- The impact of the great European war on German Americans in Lodi/Karen Lee Harris -- The old Lodi house/Julie Johnson -- The disputed San Joaquin County Sheriff's election of 1934 "The hole in the wall"/Lynn Holt Mackrell -- The building of the new St. Mary's Church/Betty McComb -- Prohibition in Stockton during the 1920's/Susan C. Ratliff -- The Ku Klux Klan in Stockton/George Rowan -- The grand centennial celebration in Stockton/Anthony Michael Scottorosano -- Early banks in Stockton, California/Carla H. Thorpe -- The San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada Railroad (1882-1886)/James C. Wagers.] (Available at Goleman Library, San Joaquin Delta College)
  • Stockton, 1890. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1990.*
  • Stockton, 1925. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1991.*
  • Stockton, 1943. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1992.
Sylvia Sun Minnick
  • A demographic analysis of the Chinese in San Joaquin County, 1850-1920 : thesis. Sylvia Sun Minnick, c1983. *
  • Never a burnt bridge. Stockton, CA: SMC Press, 2013.*
  • Samfow = Chin-shan San-pu: the San Joaquin Chinese Legacy. Fresno, CA: Panorama West, 1988.*
  • Stockton's crown jewel: the Bob Hope/Fox California. Stockton, CA: Friends of the Fox, 2005.*
  • Stockton: sunrise port on the San Joaquin. Sun Valley, CA: American Historical Press, 1998 (with Olive Davis).*
  • The Chinese community of Stockton. Chicago, IL: Arcadia Publishing, 2002.*
Horace A. Spencer
  • The family of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Horace Spencer of Hampshire County, Virginia. Stockton, CA: H.A. Spencer, 2000.
  • A guide to historical locations in San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: H. A. Spencer, 1978, 1975, 1967.*
  • Railroads of San Joaquin County: an elementary school source book. Stockton, CA: F.A. Wentworth, 1992.*
  • Remembered Men in Rural Cemetary [sic]. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School District, 1973 (with Glenn Alvin Kennedy).*
  • A Selected Social studies bibliography on Stockton and San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School DIstrict, 1991. *
  • Stockton fire engines through the years: and, the fire service in San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: F. A. Wentworth, 1992.*
George H. Tinkham
  • The half century of California Odd Fellowship. Stockton, CA: Record Publishing Co., 1906. (Images of entire book available at
  • History of San Joaquin County, California: with biographical sketches of the leading men and women. Tucson, AZ: W.C. Cox Co., 1974.*
  • History of San Joaquin County, California: with biographical sketches of leading men and women of the county, who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present. Los Angeles: Historic Record Company, 1923. (Images of entire book available at
  • History of the state of California and biographical record of San Joaquin County: containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present. Los Angeles, CA: Historic Record Co., 1909 (with J.M. Guinn).*
  • A history of Stockton from its organization up to the present time, including a sketch of San Joaquin County: comprising a history of the government, politics, state of religion, fire department, commerce, secret societies, art, science, manufactures, ag. Forgotten Books, 2016.*
​Alice van Ommeren
  • Stockton in vintage postcards. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2004.*
  • Stockton's Golden Era: An Illustrated History. San Antonio, TX: HPNbooks, a divison of Lammert Inc., 2015.*
  • Yosemite's historic hotels and camps. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2013.*
Earle E. Williams
  • Bethany and Mohr's Landing in San Joaquin County, California. Tracy, CA: E.E. Williams, 1976.
  • Rancho El Pescadero. E.E. Williams, 1979. *
Other Books and Publications by Location
(NOTE: This section does NOT repeat the books listed above.)
San Joaquin County 
  • Alexander, B. S. Letter of Gen. B. S. Alexander, U.S Engineers Corps, on the reclamation of swamp and overflowed lands in San Joaquin County. San Jose, CA: Mercury Steam Print, 1876. *
  • Alexander, B. S. Report of Gen. B. S. Alexander on the reclamation of the Rancho Pescadero, San Joaquin County. San Jose, CA: Mercury Steam Print, 1877. *
  • American Red Cross. History of San Joaquin County Chapter American Red Cross, Stockton, California. *
  • Anthes, Steven. The founding of New Hope Colony and the Mormons in the Stockton area. (Available at the Fresno County Public Library)
  • Barnes, Jesse Walter. "Doctors of San Joaquin," 1936-1949.
  • Basalto, John. Beyond the call: profiles of San Joaquin County, California, peace officers who have died in the line of duty, 1850-1997. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin County Deputy Sheriff's Association, [1998?].*
  • Basalto, John, Charlie Chapin, and Harlan Hague. Courage, change & vision: chronicles of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department from 1848-2003. Stockton, CA: Moonshadow Productions & Research, 2003.*
  • Bayless, Dorothy Martin. Index to Thompson and West's 1879 History of San Joaquin County, California. Sacramento, CA: s.n., c1981. *
  • Blansett, Eaul Desmond. Death without honor: legal executions in the history of San Joaquin County. [Stockton, CA]: E. Blansett, [1994?] *
  • Boda, Joyce. Pioneer leather tanners: a history of the Wagner family. Stockton, CA: J. Boda, 1997.*
  • Cahill, Helen Kennedy. Captain Weber and his place in early California history. Stockton, CA: University of the Pacific, 1976.
  • Chamber of Commerce of Northern San Joaquin County. The trail of '49. Lodi, CA: 1915. *
  • Chu, George. Chinatowns in the Delta: the Chinese in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, 1870-1960. San Francisco, CA: California Historical Society Quarterly, 1970.*
  • Clark, Ralph A. and Pacific Italian Alliance. Images of America: Italians of San Joaquin County. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2014.
  • Cook, Fred S. Legends of San Joaquin County. Pioneer, CA: California Traveler, 1975.
  • Criswell, John F. Knight's Ferry's water heritage: a warm and nostalgic account of Knight's Ferry's early relations with its river. Knights Ferry, CA: J.F. Criswell, 1983.
  • Di Franco, Tony. Chinese clothing & theatrical costumes in the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. [Stockton, CA?]: San Joaquin County Historical Museum, 1981.*
  • Finkbohner, Mrs. George (Agnes). History and landmarks of San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: A. Finkbohner, 1924.*
  • Gardner, Dean. Elliott township: early settlement of northeastern San Joaquin County. [Stockton, CA]: D. Gardner, 1976.*
  • Gibbons, Alice Tone; Gaylord A. Nelson; San Joaquin County (Calif.) Superintendent of Schools. My pioneer grandfather, John H. (Jack) Tone. [Stockton, CA]: San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools, 1974, 1976.*
  • Gilbert, Frank T. History of San Joaquin County, California; with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, residences, public buildings, fine blocks, and manufactories, from original sketches by artists of the highest ability. Oakland, CA: Thompson & West, 1879.*
  • Guinn, James Miller. History of California and biographical records of San Joaquin County. Woodbridge, Connecticut: Research Publications, 1968.*
  • Gwerder, Caroline Goodwin; Frank Joseph Gwerder; Fred Quivik; Bancroft Library, Regional Oral History Office. Agriculturists in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and San Joaquin Valley. Berkeley, CA: Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library, University of California, 2003.
  • Hammond, George P., Dale L. Morgan, Lawton Kennedy, and Alfred Kennedy. Captain Charles M. Weber: pioneer of the San Joaquin and founder of Stockton, California. Berkeley, CA: Friends of the Bancroft Library, 1966.*
  • Heckendorn, John and W. A. Wilson. Miners & business men's directory : for the year commencing January 1st, 1856, embracing a general directory of the citizens of Tuolumne, and portions of Calaveras, Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties : together with the mining laws of each district, a description of the different camps, and other interesting statistical matter. Columbia, CA: Printed at the Clipper Office, 1856.
  • Historic Record Company. History of San Joaquin County, California with Biographical Sketches. Los Angeles, CA: Historic Record Co., 1923 (Transcription available on RootsWeb.)
  • Holmes, Norman W. California's Tidewater shortlines: railroads that touched the Western Pacific between Stockton and San Francisco. Bellflower, CA: Shade Tree Books, 2009. Latta, Frank F. and William B. Secrest. Farm equipment invented in the San Joaquin Valley: Pioneers of the San Joaquin. Fresno, CA: W. Secrest, Jr., 1989.*
  • Johnson, Medora. Indians of San Joaquin County. [Stockton, CA]: San Joaquin County Schools, 1965. *
  • Lewis Publishing Company. An Illustrated history of San Joaquin County, California: containing a history of San Joaquin County from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time: together with glimpses of its future prospects: with full-page portraits of some of its most eminent men and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also prominent citizens of to-day. Chicago, IL: Lewis, 1890. (Images of entire book available at (Partial transcription available on RootsWeb.)
  • Lewis Publishing Company. Memorial and Biographical History of Northern California. Chicago, IL: Lewis, 1891. (Partial transcription available on RootsWeb.)
  • Live Oak Cemetery Association. Live Oak Cemetery Association records, 1883-1884.
  • Mays, Myrtle and the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of William G. Micke, February 25, 1874-March 3, 1961. [Lodi, CA]: San Joaquin County Historical Museum, 1974.
  • McKenzie, Annie. Our county, San Joaquin. [Lodi, CA]: County Superintendent of Schools, 1960. *
  • Minick, Roger and Dave Bohn. Delta West: the land and people of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Berkeley, CA: Scrimshaw Press, 1969.*
  • Nella, Luisa. Our fair, 1860-2000 : an illustrated history of the San Joaquin County Fair. [Eureka, Calif.]: Eureka Print. Co., 2000.*
  • Orr, N. M., J. Pitcher Spooner, and the Stockton Board of Trade. The City of Stockton and its surroundings: its climate, business facilities, increasing trade, various industries and prosperous condition: The great San Joaquin basin and its wonderful resources. Stockton, CA: Daily Independent Steam Presses, 1883.*
  • Pacific Italian Alliance and Ralph A. Clark. Italians of San Joaquin County. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2014.
  • Payne, Walter A., Roger T. Barnett, Erling A. Erickson, Leonard A. Humphreys, and Ronald H. Limbaugh. Benjamin Holt: the story of the Caterpillar tractor. Stockton, CA: University of the Pacific, 1982.
  • Perez, Frank R., Leatrice M. Bantillo Perez, and the San Joaquin Historical Society. Filipinos in San Joaquin County: the long struggle for acceptance. Lodi, CA: San Joaquin County Historical Society, Inc., 1994.
  • Port of Stockton. California lore. Stockton, CA: Stockton Port District, ca 1960.
  • Porter, Thom. Vietnamese immigration into San Joaquin County, 1975-1977. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1981 *
  • Read, Ingraham. An informal story of Grindstone Joe: benevolent ruler of the island he built in the San Joaquin Delta. San Joaquin County, CA: I. Read, 1966.
  • Reynolds, Henrietta. Pioneers of Sand-Plains in San Joaquin County, California. [San Francisco, CA]: H. Reynolds, 1953. *
  • San Joaquin General Hospital, Class of 1928. H.O.H. [Stockton, CA]: 1928. *
  • San Joaquin County Highway Department. San Joaquin County Ferry System, 1899-1956. 
  • San Joaquin County Historic Records Commission. Directory San Joaquin County government and city government historical records. Lodi, CA: San Joaquin County Historic Records Commission, 1989.*
  • San Joaquin County Historical Society. San Joaquin Historian. (Past issues of this journal can be accessed online here.)
  • San Joaquin County (Calif.) Dept. of Public Works, Right of Way Section. Ferries and ferry ramps. [Stockton, CA]: The Dept., 1978. *
  • San Joaquin County, Office of the Superintendent of Schools. San Joaquin County: yesterday, today. Stockton, CA: 1962.
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers. Constitution and by-laws of the San Joaquin Society of California Pioneers. Stockton, CA: 1893. (A list of surnames in this book can be accessed at Genealogy Today.)
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers. Constitution and by-laws of San Joaquin Society of California Pioneers: revised January 29th, 1871, organized December 7th, 1868 : incorporated September 30, 1873. Stockton, CA: Daily Evening Mail Steam Print, 1881.
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers, Ladies Annex. By-laws and list of members of Ladies' Annex of San Joaquin Pioneers: organized June 29th, 1892. Stockton, CA: Leroy S. Atwood, 1893.
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers and Native Sons of the Golden West, Stockton Parlor No. 7. Admission day, Stockton, Cal.: souvenir programme. Stockton, CA: Leroy S. Atwood, 1891.
  • Schenck, W. Egbert and Elmer J. Dawson. Archaeology of the Northern San Joaquin valley. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1929.
  • Schlichtmann, Margaret and Irene Dakin Paden. The Big Oak Flat Road: an account of freighting from Stockton to Yosemite Valley. Fredricksburg, TX: Awani Press, 1986.*
  • Shimamoto, Chiyo. To the Land of Bright Promise: The Story of a Pioneer Japanese Truck Farming Family in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Lodi, CA: San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum, 1990.
  • Shimamoto, Chiyo. "The Japanese in San Joaquin County, Past and Present" (article in the San Joaquin Historian). Stockton, CA: San Joaquin County Historical Society, 1992. * (Available online at
  • Sperry, Baxter. Recollections of Eloisa del Castillo Sifers. Galt, [CA]: Laurel Hill Press, 1974.
  • Stanley, David G. and Jeffrey Moreau. Central California Traction: California's last interurban. Berkeley, CA: Signature Press, 2002.
  • Stevens, Richard. The history of San Joaquin City. [Stockton, CA: R. Stevens], 1975. *
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  • Alfieri, Elsie. Unforgettable Atlanta. Ripon, CA: E Alfieri, 2002.*
  • Osterdock, Kenneth. Byron Hot Spring. Stockton, CA: Osterdock, 1978.
  • Lathrop, Margaret L. History of Clements. Lockeford, CA: Valley Publications, 1992.*
  • Escalon Presbyterian Church. Escalon Presbyterian Church, 1913-2013: centennial celebration.
  • Escalon Presbyterian Church. Escalon, California: we who served. Escalon Presbyterian Church, 1949, 1948, 1947, 1946, 1945. *
  • Klessens, Jacob C. The first twenty-five years, 1967-1992: a brief history of the Escalon Unified School District. 1992. *
  • Murlin, Claire. Brief history of Womens Improvement Club in the Escalon community. [1937?]
  • Stockel, L. Wight. The house with three unusual gables: a story of California ranch life at the turn of the century. New York, NY: Exposition Press, 1961.*
  • Thornton, Frank S. History of the Escalon community in California; with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the community who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to present. 1964.*
  • Willis, Barbara and Escalon Historical Society. Images of America: Escalon. Arcadia Publishing, 2008.*
  • Farmington Board of Trade. Farmington, San Joaquin County, California. Farmington, Calif. : Farmington Board of Trade, [1915?]
  • Herbert, Ruth Hewitt. The history of old Farmington: Farmington, California. Farmington, CA: 1980. *
  • DeCarli, Dean. Holt: Town and Station; The Holt School/Peterson School. 1982. *
  • The Story of Sharpe Army Depot. Lubbock, TX: Boone Publications, [c1969].*
  • Linden Community Methodist Church. Centennial, 1856-1956 : Linden Community Methodist Church, Linden, California: including a history of the town. Linden, CA: Linden Community Methodist Church, [1956?].
  • Linden United Methodist Church. Remembering the past, building the future: the 140th anniversary of the Linden United Methodist Church, 1852-1992: including a history of the area that is Linden. Linden, CA: Linden United Methodist Church, 1992. *
  • Patterson, David, Martha Metzler Fry, and Robert Sharp. Remembrance of Linden past: geo-history of Linden, California in the 1950s. 2008.
  • Smith, Don and Scio Odd Fellows Lodge No. 102. From stage stop to friendly community: a history of Linden. Linden, CA: Linden Publications, 1976.*
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