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Local Bibliography
The books listed below all involve topics related to San Joaquin County, its communities, and its residents. To locate most of these books in a library near you, visit WorldCat.
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Books by SJGS Members (Past and Present)
Charlotte Cameron
  • History of Thornton. Galt, CA: Galt Historical Society, 2014. *
Naomi McCallum Carey
  • Footprints in time; a short history of Woods School District. 1967.
  • Index to History of San Joaquin County, California by George Tinkham (with Mary Diel Thomason and George Tinkham). Lodi, CA: Carey-Thomason, 1991. *
  • Mountain Men to Astronauts. Lodi, CA: Duncan Press, 1993. *
Barbara Crowell Filbin
  • Civil War veterans of San Joaquin County, California: index and photos included. B.C. Filbin, 2012. *
  • Descent from John Crowe of Yarmouth and 70 related New England families to Charles Crowell and Susan Ploof: pioneers of the Blackbird, Thurston County, Nebraska (with Clayton Lee Crowell). Honolulu, HI: Clayton Lee Crowell, 2006.
  • Four lost pioneer cemeteries in northern San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2013.
  • Glenview Cemetery, Clements, San Joaquin County, California: burial index and tombstone photos included. B.C. Filbin, 2012. **
  • Live Oak Cemetery: San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2008.
  • Pioneer Elliott Cemetery: San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2008.
  • Pioneer Galt Cemetery, Sacramento County, California: index of pioneer burials, tombstone photos, 1860-1925. B.C. Filbin, 2008.
  • Pioneer Harmony Grove Cemetery: Lockeford, San Joaquin County, California. Lulu Press, 2012.
  • Pioneer Hicksville Cemetery: Sacramento County, California. B.C. Filbin, 2008.
  • Pioneer town of Liberty: San Joaquin, California: includes index and tombstone photos of burials in Liberty Cemetery 1846-2008. Lulu Press, 2008.
  • Pioneer town of Woodbridge: San Joaquin County, California: includes index and tombstone photos. Lulu Press, 2010.
Glenn Alvin Kennedy
  • The American ancestry of Yvonne Odette Kennedy. Salt Lake City, UT: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1982. *
  • Go West. Stockton, CA: Kennedy, 1967 (with Mallet Case Jackson and Annice M. Evans). *
  • History of Clay Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Stockton, California: an account of its founding and achievements through the years. Stockton, CA: 1966.
  • It happened in Stockton 1900-1925. Stockton, CA: 1967. *
  • Jackson School. Stockton, CA: Jackson Parent Teacher Association, 1973. *
  • Remembering Men and Women in the Stockton Rural Cemetery. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School District, 1991. *
  • Reuel Colt Gridley and his sack of flour. Stockton, CA: Stockton Rural Cemetery, 1962. *
  • St. Mark's Methodist Church: the story of its founding and achievements through the years as the Clay Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Chinese Methodist Episcopal Mission, Chinese Christian Center. Stockton, CA: 1968. *
  • Stockton area pioneers 1850-1900. Stockton, CA: 1992. (Available online at CAGenWeb)
J. Carlyle Parker
  • An annotated bibiliography [sic] of the history of Del Norte and Humboldt Counties. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State College Library, 1960.
  • Descendants of Gabriel Woodmancy/Woodmansee of New London, Connecticut: thirteen generations from 1665 (with Janet G Parker)Turlock, CA: Woodmansee Family Contributing Authors, 2009.
  • Directory of archivist and librarian genealogical instructors. Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing Co, 1990.
  • History of Merced County, California: with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, farms, residences, public buildings ... with biographical sketches of prominent citizens. Fresno, CA: California History Books, 1974.
  • History of Stanislaus County, California, index. Turlock, CA: Stanislaus State College Library, 1970.
  • Library service for genealogists. 1981 *
  • Memorial and biographical history of the counties of Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Mariposa, California. Personal name index: Illustrated. Containing a history of this important section of the Pacific Coast from the earliest period ... and biographical mention of its pioneers and also of prominent citizens of today. Turlock, CA: California State College, Stanislaus.
  • Nevada biographical and genealogical sketch index (with Janet G. Parker). Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing Co, 1986. *
  • Pennsylvania and Middle Atlantic states genealogical manuscripts: a user's guide to the manuscript collections of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, as indexed in its Manuscripts Materials Index microfilmed by the Genealogical Department, Salt Lake City. Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing Co, 1986.
  • A personal name index to Orton's "Records of California men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867." Detroit, MI: Gale, 1978. *
  • Rhode Island biographical and genealogical sketch index. Turlock, CA: Marietta Publishing, 1991. *
  • Sources of Californiana: from patron to voter registration. Salt Lake City, UT: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1969.
Robert Shellenberger
  • Missus McLellan and the Ragtown rustlers: an incident on the California Trail in 1850. 1978.
  • Wagons west: trail tales, 1848. Stockton, CA: Heritage West Books, 1991. *
Local Authors of Note
Charles Bloch
  • A history of San Joaquin Delta College: from College of the Pacific beginnings to 1990. (Available at Goleman Library, San Joaquin Delta College)
  • A history of the public schools of Stockton, California. Stockton, CA: C.D. Bloch, 1962. *
Robert Eugene Bonta
  • Stockton's Historic Public Schools. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School District, 1981. *
  • The cross in the valley: the history of the establishment of the Catholic church in the northern San Joaquin Valley of California up to 1863. [Fresno, CA]: Academy of California Church History, 1963. (With the Academy of California Church History)
Leonard Covello
  • Cities & towns of San Joaquin County since 1847 (with Raymond W. Hillman). Fresno, CA: Panorama West Books, 1985.
  • Stockton memories: a pictorial history of Stockton, California (with R. Coke Wood). Fresno, CA: Valley Publishers, 1977. *
  • Stockton through the decades (with R.W. Hillman and Union Safe Deposit Bank). Union Safe Deposit Bank, 1981.
Olive Davis
  • From the Ohio to the San Joaquin: a biography of Captain William S. Moss, 1798-1883. Stockton, CA: Heritage West Books, 1991. *
  • The Slow, Tired, and Easy Railroad: the story of the Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad and its rough roadbed to success. Fresno, CA: Valley Publlshers, 1976. *
  • Stockton: sunrise port on the San Joaquin (with Sylvia Sun Minnick and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce). Woodland Hills, CA: Windsor Publications, 1984. Sun Valley, CA: American Historical Press, 1998. *
  • Tales of a gold rush city: Stockton, California. Stockton, CA: Bluebird Publishing, 2003. *
Dawn Bohulano Mabalon
  • Filipina pioneers: the Pinay in Stockton, California, 1929-1946. Thesis/dissertation, 1997.
  • Images of America: Filipinos in Stockton. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2008 (with Rico Reyes, the Filipino American National Historical Society Stockton Chapter, and the Little Manila Foundation). *
  • Journey for Justice: The Life of Larry Itliong (with Gayle Romasanta and Andre Sibayan). Stockton, CA: Bridge and Delta Publishing, 2018. *
  • Life in Little Manila: Filipinas/os in Stockton, California, 1917-1972. Thesis/dissertation, 2003.
  • Little Manila is in the heart: the making of the Filipina/o American community in Stockton, California. Durham: Duke University Press, 2013. *
Stephen J. Mann / Christi Kennedy / Valdene Valenti
  • A history of the Lodi Grape Festival. Lodi CA: Delta Publishers, 1987.*
  • Lodi: the early years. Lodi CA: Delta Publishers, 1990-91. *
  • Remember when: Lodi in the fifties and sixties. Lodi CA: Delta Publishers, 1989. *
Delmar M. McComb
  • Beat! Beat! Drums! A history of Stockton during the Civil War; the first phase. Stockton, CA: 1965.*
  • Blow! Bugles! Blow! A history of Stockton during the Civil War; the final phase. Stockton, CA: 2012.*
  • The city of the great peace: an historical study of Stockton Rural Cemetery. Stockton, CA: McComb, 1961.*
  • The study of history: Papers presented by the students of History 10. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1974. [Contents: The great depression years in Stockton (1929-1932)/Donald K. Adams -- The founding of New Hope Colony and the mormons in the Stockton area/Steven M. Anthes -- A history of the Fox California Theater/Vicki Lee Benton -- Italian reaction in Stockton during World War II/Vincent E. DeSantis -- The impact of the great European war on German Americans in Lodi/Karen Lee Harris -- The old Lodi house/Julie Johnson -- The disputed San Joaquin County Sheriff's election of 1934 "The hole in the wall"/Lynn Holt Mackrell -- The building of the new St. Mary's Church/Betty McComb -- Prohibition in Stockton during the 1920's/Susan C. Ratliff -- The Ku Klux Klan in Stockton/George Rowan -- The grand centennial celebration in Stockton/Anthony Michael Scottorosano -- Early banks in Stockton, California/Carla H. Thorpe -- The San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada Railroad (1882-1886)/James C. Wagers.] (Available at Goleman Library, San Joaquin Delta College)
  • Stockton, 1890. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1990.*
  • Stockton, 1925. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1991.*
  • Stockton, 1943. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1992.
Sylvia Sun Minnick
  • A demographic analysis of the Chinese in San Joaquin County, 1850-1920 : thesis. Sylvia Sun Minnick, c1983. *
  • Never a burnt bridge. Stockton, CA: SMC Press, 2013.*
  • Samfow = Chin-shan San-pu: the San Joaquin Chinese Legacy. Fresno, CA: Panorama West, 1988.*
  • Stockton's crown jewel: the Bob Hope/Fox California. Stockton, CA: Friends of the Fox, 2005.*
  • Stockton: sunrise port on the San Joaquin. Sun Valley, CA: American Historical Press, 1998 (with Olive Davis).*
  • The Chinese community of Stockton. Chicago, IL: Arcadia Publishing, 2002.*
Horace A. Spencer
  • The family of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Horace Spencer of Hampshire County, Virginia. Stockton, CA: H.A. Spencer, 2000.
  • A guide to historical locations in San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: H. A. Spencer, 1978, 1975, 1967.*
  • Railroads of San Joaquin County: an elementary school source book. Stockton, CA: F.A. Wentworth, 1992.*
  • Remembered Men in Rural Cemetary [sic]. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School District, 1973 (with Glenn Alvin Kennedy).*
  • A Selected Social studies bibliography on Stockton and San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: Stockton Unified School DIstrict, 1991. *
  • Stockton fire engines through the years: and, the fire service in San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: F. A. Wentworth, 1992.*
George H. Tinkham
  • The half century of California Odd Fellowship. Stockton, CA: Record Publishing Co., 1906. (Images of entire book available at
  • History of San Joaquin County, California: with biographical sketches of the leading men and women. Tucson, AZ: W.C. Cox Co., 1974.*
  • History of San Joaquin County, California: with biographical sketches of leading men and women of the county, who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present. Los Angeles: Historic Record Company, 1923. (Images of entire book available at
  • History of the state of California and biographical record of San Joaquin County: containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present. Los Angeles, CA: Historic Record Co., 1909 (with J.M. Guinn).*
  • A history of Stockton from its organization up to the present time, including a sketch of San Joaquin County: comprising a history of the government, politics, state of religion, fire department, commerce, secret societies, art, science, manufactures, ag. Forgotten Books, 2016.*
​Alice van Ommeren
  • Stockton in vintage postcards. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2004.*
  • Stockton's Golden Era: An Illustrated History. San Antonio, TX: HPNbooks, a divison of Lammert Inc., 2015.*
  • Yosemite's historic hotels and camps. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2013.*
Earle E. Williams
  • Bethany and Mohr's Landing in San Joaquin County, California. Tracy, CA: E.E. Williams, 1976.
  • Rancho El Pescadero. E.E. Williams, 1979. *
Other Books and Publications by Location
(NOTE: This section does NOT repeat the books listed above.)
San Joaquin County 
  • Alexander, B. S. Letter of Gen. B. S. Alexander, U.S Engineers Corps, on the reclamation of swamp and overflowed lands in San Joaquin County. San Jose, CA: Mercury Steam Print, 1876. *
  • Alexander, B. S. Report of Gen. B. S. Alexander on the reclamation of the Rancho Pescadero, San Joaquin County. San Jose, CA: Mercury Steam Print, 1877. *
  • American Red Cross. History of San Joaquin County Chapter American Red Cross, Stockton, California. *
  • Anthes, Steven. The founding of New Hope Colony and the Mormons in the Stockton area. (Available at the Fresno County Public Library)
  • Barnes, Jesse Walter. "Doctors of San Joaquin," 1936-1949.
  • Basalto, John. Beyond the call: profiles of San Joaquin County, California, peace officers who have died in the line of duty, 1850-1997. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin County Deputy Sheriff's Association, [1998?].*
  • Basalto, John, Charlie Chapin, and Harlan Hague. Courage, change & vision: chronicles of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department from 1848-2003. Stockton, CA: Moonshadow Productions & Research, 2003.*
  • Bayless, Dorothy Martin. Index to Thompson and West's 1879 History of San Joaquin County, California. Sacramento, CA: s.n., c1981. *
  • Blansett, Eaul Desmond. Death without honor: legal executions in the history of San Joaquin County. [Stockton, CA]: E. Blansett, [1994?] *
  • Boda, Joyce. Pioneer leather tanners: a history of the Wagner family. Stockton, CA: J. Boda, 1997.*
  • Cahill, Helen Kennedy. Captain Weber and his place in early California history. Stockton, CA: University of the Pacific, 1976.
  • Chamber of Commerce of Northern San Joaquin County. The trail of '49. Lodi, CA: 1915. *
  • Chu, George. Chinatowns in the Delta: the Chinese in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, 1870-1960. San Francisco, CA: California Historical Society Quarterly, 1970.*
  • Clark, Ralph A. and Pacific Italian Alliance. Images of America: Italians of San Joaquin County. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2014.
  • Cook, Fred S. Legends of San Joaquin County. Pioneer, CA: California Traveler, 1975.
  • Criswell, John F. Knight's Ferry's water heritage: a warm and nostalgic account of Knight's Ferry's early relations with its river. Knights Ferry, CA: J.F. Criswell, 1983.
  • Di Franco, Tony. Chinese clothing & theatrical costumes in the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. [Stockton, CA?]: San Joaquin County Historical Museum, 1981.*
  • Finkbohner, Mrs. George (Agnes). History and landmarks of San Joaquin County. Stockton, CA: A. Finkbohner, 1924.*
  • Gardner, Dean. Elliott township: early settlement of northeastern San Joaquin County. [Stockton, CA]: D. Gardner, 1976.*
  • Gibbons, Alice Tone; Gaylord A. Nelson; San Joaquin County (Calif.) Superintendent of Schools. My pioneer grandfather, John H. (Jack) Tone. [Stockton, CA]: San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools, 1974, 1976.*
  • Gilbert, Frank T. History of San Joaquin County, California; with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, residences, public buildings, fine blocks, and manufactories, from original sketches by artists of the highest ability. Oakland, CA: Thompson & West, 1879.*
  • Guinn, James Miller. History of California and biographical records of San Joaquin County. Woodbridge, Connecticut: Research Publications, 1968.*
  • Gwerder, Caroline Goodwin; Frank Joseph Gwerder; Fred Quivik; Bancroft Library, Regional Oral History Office. Agriculturists in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and San Joaquin Valley. Berkeley, CA: Regional Oral History Office, Bancroft Library, University of California, 2003.
  • Hammond, George P., Dale L. Morgan, Lawton Kennedy, and Alfred Kennedy. Captain Charles M. Weber: pioneer of the San Joaquin and founder of Stockton, California. Berkeley, CA: Friends of the Bancroft Library, 1966.*
  • Heckendorn, John and W. A. Wilson. Miners & business men's directory : for the year commencing January 1st, 1856, embracing a general directory of the citizens of Tuolumne, and portions of Calaveras, Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties : together with the mining laws of each district, a description of the different camps, and other interesting statistical matter. Columbia, CA: Printed at the Clipper Office, 1856.
  • Historic Record Company. History of San Joaquin County, California with Biographical Sketches. Los Angeles, CA: Historic Record Co., 1923 (Transcription available on RootsWeb.)
  • Holmes, Norman W. California's Tidewater shortlines: railroads that touched the Western Pacific between Stockton and San Francisco. Bellflower, CA: Shade Tree Books, 2009. Latta, Frank F. and William B. Secrest. Farm equipment invented in the San Joaquin Valley: Pioneers of the San Joaquin. Fresno, CA: W. Secrest, Jr., 1989.*
  • Johnson, Medora. Indians of San Joaquin County. [Stockton, CA]: San Joaquin County Schools, 1965. *
  • Lewis Publishing Company. An Illustrated history of San Joaquin County, California: containing a history of San Joaquin County from the earliest period of its occupancy to the present time: together with glimpses of its future prospects: with full-page portraits of some of its most eminent men and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and also prominent citizens of to-day. Chicago, IL: Lewis, 1890. (Images of entire book available at (Partial transcription available on RootsWeb.)
  • Lewis Publishing Company. Memorial and Biographical History of Northern California. Chicago, IL: Lewis, 1891. (Partial transcription available on RootsWeb.)
  • Live Oak Cemetery Association. Live Oak Cemetery Association records, 1883-1884.
  • Mays, Myrtle and the San Joaquin County Historical Museum. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of William G. Micke, February 25, 1874-March 3, 1961. [Lodi, CA]: San Joaquin County Historical Museum, 1974.
  • McKenzie, Annie. Our county, San Joaquin. [Lodi, CA]: County Superintendent of Schools, 1960. *
  • Minick, Roger and Dave Bohn. Delta West: the land and people of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Berkeley, CA: Scrimshaw Press, 1969.*
  • Nella, Luisa. Our fair, 1860-2000 : an illustrated history of the San Joaquin County Fair. [Eureka, Calif.]: Eureka Print. Co., 2000.*
  • Orr, N. M., J. Pitcher Spooner, and the Stockton Board of Trade. The City of Stockton and its surroundings: its climate, business facilities, increasing trade, various industries and prosperous condition: The great San Joaquin basin and its wonderful resources. Stockton, CA: Daily Independent Steam Presses, 1883.*
  • Pacific Italian Alliance and Ralph A. Clark. Italians of San Joaquin County. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2014.
  • Payne, Walter A., Roger T. Barnett, Erling A. Erickson, Leonard A. Humphreys, and Ronald H. Limbaugh. Benjamin Holt: the story of the Caterpillar tractor. Stockton, CA: University of the Pacific, 1982.
  • Perez, Frank R., Leatrice M. Bantillo Perez, and the San Joaquin Historical Society. Filipinos in San Joaquin County: the long struggle for acceptance. Lodi, CA: San Joaquin County Historical Society, Inc., 1994.
  • Port of Stockton. California lore. Stockton, CA: Stockton Port District, ca 1960.
  • Porter, Thom. Vietnamese immigration into San Joaquin County, 1975-1977. Stockton, CA: San Joaquin Delta College, 1981 *
  • Read, Ingraham. An informal story of Grindstone Joe: benevolent ruler of the island he built in the San Joaquin Delta. San Joaquin County, CA: I. Read, 1966.
  • Reynolds, Henrietta. Pioneers of Sand-Plains in San Joaquin County, California. [San Francisco, CA]: H. Reynolds, 1953. *
  • San Joaquin General Hospital, Class of 1928. H.O.H. [Stockton, CA]: 1928. *
  • San Joaquin County Highway Department. San Joaquin County Ferry System, 1899-1956. 
  • San Joaquin County Historic Records Commission. Directory San Joaquin County government and city government historical records. Lodi, CA: San Joaquin County Historic Records Commission, 1989.*
  • San Joaquin County Historical Society. San Joaquin Historian. (Past issues of this journal can be accessed online here.)
  • San Joaquin County (Calif.) Dept. of Public Works, Right of Way Section. Ferries and ferry ramps. [Stockton, CA]: The Dept., 1978. *
  • San Joaquin County, Office of the Superintendent of Schools. San Joaquin County: yesterday, today. Stockton, CA: 1962.
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers. Constitution and by-laws of the San Joaquin Society of California Pioneers. Stockton, CA: 1893. (A list of surnames in this book can be accessed at Genealogy Today.)
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers. Constitution and by-laws of San Joaquin Society of California Pioneers: revised January 29th, 1871, organized December 7th, 1868 : incorporated September 30, 1873. Stockton, CA: Daily Evening Mail Steam Print, 1881.
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers, Ladies Annex. By-laws and list of members of Ladies' Annex of San Joaquin Pioneers: organized June 29th, 1892. Stockton, CA: Leroy S. Atwood, 1893.
  • San Joaquin Society of Pioneers and Native Sons of the Golden West, Stockton Parlor No. 7. Admission day, Stockton, Cal.: souvenir programme. Stockton, CA: Leroy S. Atwood, 1891.
  • Schenck, W. Egbert and Elmer J. Dawson. Archaeology of the Northern San Joaquin valley. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1929.
  • Schlichtmann, Margaret and Irene Dakin Paden. The Big Oak Flat Road: an account of freighting from Stockton to Yosemite Valley. Fredricksburg, TX: Awani Press, 1986.*
  • Shimamoto, Chiyo. To the Land of Bright Promise: The Story of a Pioneer Japanese Truck Farming Family in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Lodi, CA: San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum, 1990.
  • Shimamoto, Chiyo. "The Japanese in San Joaquin County, Past and Present" (article in the San Joaquin Historian). Stockton, CA: San Joaquin County Historical Society, 1992. * (Available online at
  • Sperry, Baxter. Recollections of Eloisa del Castillo Sifers. Galt, [CA]: Laurel Hill Press, 1974.
  • Stanley, David G. and Jeffrey Moreau. Central California Traction: California's last interurban. Berkeley, CA: Signature Press, 2002.
  • Stevens, Richard. The history of San Joaquin City. [Stockton, CA: R. Stevens], 1975. *
  • Stockton and San Joaquin County (Calif.) Public Library. Chinese ancestry. [Stockton, CA]: Public Library, Stockton and San Joaquin County, 1969.
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  • Osterdock, Kenneth. Byron Hot Spring. Stockton, CA: Osterdock, 1978.
  • Lathrop, Margaret L. History of Clements. Lockeford, CA: Valley Publications, 1992.*
  • Escalon Presbyterian Church. Escalon Presbyterian Church, 1913-2013: centennial celebration.
  • Escalon Presbyterian Church. Escalon, California: we who served. Escalon Presbyterian Church, 1949, 1948, 1947, 1946, 1945. *
  • Klessens, Jacob C. The first twenty-five years, 1967-1992: a brief history of the Escalon Unified School District. 1992. *
  • Murlin, Claire. Brief history of Womens Improvement Club in the Escalon community. [1937?]
  • Stockel, L. Wight. The house with three unusual gables: a story of California ranch life at the turn of the century. New York, NY: Exposition Press, 1961.*
  • Thornton, Frank S. History of the Escalon community in California; with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the community who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to present. 1964.*
  • Willis, Barbara and Escalon Historical Society. Images of America: Escalon. Arcadia Publishing, 2008.*
  • Farmington Board of Trade. Farmington, San Joaquin County, California. Farmington, Calif. : Farmington Board of Trade, [1915?]
  • Herbert, Ruth Hewitt. The history of old Farmington: Farmington, California. Farmington, CA: 1980. *
  • DeCarli, Dean. Holt: Town and Station; The Holt School/Peterson School. 1982. *
  • The Story of Sharpe Army Depot. Lubbock, TX: Boone Publications, [c1969].*
  • Linden Community Methodist Church. Centennial, 1856-1956 : Linden Community Methodist Church, Linden, California: including a history of the town. Linden, CA: Linden Community Methodist Church, [1956?].
  • Linden United Methodist Church. Remembering the past, building the future: the 140th anniversary of the Linden United Methodist Church, 1852-1992: including a history of the area that is Linden. Linden, CA: Linden United Methodist Church, 1992. *
  • Patterson, David, Martha Metzler Fry, and Robert Sharp. Remembrance of Linden past: geo-history of Linden, California in the 1950s. 2008.
  • Smith, Don and Scio Odd Fellows Lodge No. 102. From stage stop to friendly community: a history of Linden. Linden, CA: Linden Publications, 1976.*
  • Bahnsen, Robert H. A half-century of Lockeford, California: a survey of its history and the contribution of its founder, Dean Jewett Locke. Cleveland, OH: Bell & Howell Co., [btwn. 1953-1965].*
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