San Joaquin Genealogical Society

Mission / Purpose

  • To promote interest in genealogy
  • To encourage the preservation of records and documents that have genealogical and/or historical value
  • To teach and promote accuracy in research
  • To provide community services related to genealogy

Operating Year: January - December 2017

Elected Officers
President: Sheri Fenley
Vice President: Jacqi Stevens
Treasurer: Chuck Wegner
Secretary: Marilyn Reineman
Librarian: Vacant
Director of Communications: Lee Wilkins
Director of Membership: Barry Wood
Director of Programming: Sherry Wegner
Historian: Sylvia Perez
Newsletter Editor: Vacant
Publicity: Susan Saunders-King
Webmaster: Vacant
Committee Chairs
Historical Records Advisory: Sherry Wegner
Hospitality: Alice Malde
Publications: Betty Mathis
Research Requests: Charlie Lambaren
Special Projects: Betty Mathis

Meetings and Activities

MEETINGS: Our regular meetings are held:   

When: January through June and September through November, the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:45 pm
Where: Margaret Troke Library located at 502 West Benjamin Holt, Stockton, CA

The agenda includes a short welcome and announcements. Occasionally we have a short business meeting. This is followed by a genealogy related program and plenty of time for Q & A and refreshments.


SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS: Meet monthly at times and locations decided upon by their members. Currently there are groups for:

Writing your Family History
British Isles Research



When: February through May and September through November, the 3rd Saturday of the month, 11:00 am
Where: Margaret Troke Library located at 502 West Benjamin Holt, Stockton, CA.