San Joaquin Genealogical Society
First Families of San Joaquin County
The San Joaquin Genealogical Society and The San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum have partnered to offer the First Families of San Joaquin County Certificate Program.
We hope to identify early residents and pioneers and to honor their lasting contributions to the history of San Joaquin County by recognizing their descendants who submit genealogical information. 
One 8½" x 11” certificate will be issued for each qualifying ancestor. The certificate will be inscribed with the name of the ancestor, the date that ancestor settled in San Joaquin County, and the name of the applicant descended from the ancestor. Certificates were redesigned in September 2018 (sample), and they are numbered, signed, and suitable for framing. 
We hope that you will join in our effort to enrich our historical records and preserve the rich lineage of San Joaquin County.
Categories of First Families
  • Founding Families – Settled in San Joaquin County before 1860
  • Pioneer Families – Settled in San Joaquin County between 1860 and 1880
  • Century Families – Settled in San Joaquin County at least 100 years ago
Application Process and Fee 
Anyone with the appropriate lineage ties to San Joaquin County may apply for a First Families certificate; applicants do not need to be current County residents. Applications may be submitted at any time and will be processed throughout the year. A separate application is required for each certificate requested.
The application fee is $10 for members of the San Joaquin Genealogical Society or the San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum, and $15 for non-members. The application fee is non-refundable.
Incorrect or incomplete applications cannot be processed. You will be notified if you need to provide corrections or additions. Applications not approved will remain “Pending.” You may reactivate a pending application without additional fees in the future if you provide the additional documents needed for approval.
To download the application and instructions for completing it, please click HERETo expedite the application process, please provide your e-mail address, if you have one.

Submitted Materials
All applications and documentation become the property of the San Joaquin Genealogical Society and the San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum. All material submitted will be housed in the San Joaquin County Historical Society & Museum's Research Library, both to preserve your family's history and to assist members of the public with their research. In the future, either organization might include and/or reproduce the submitted lineage information in any of its publications, digitization projects, website database projects, or unknown future technologies.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Vital information (dates and places of birth and marriage) of living persons will be kept confidential.

Important Instructions
  • Certified copies of vital records and other supporting documents are not required. “Informational" copies are acceptable. 
  • Do NOT send original documentation! Please send photocopies of any records needed to establish lineage.
  • Always use the maiden names of female members of your lineage.
  • Circumstantial evidence WILL NOT be accepted as proof unless supported by primary or secondary evidence and/or a written proof argument. Oral, written, or published family traditions may be in error and CANNOT be accepted as documentation. Printed or manuscript genealogies, genealogical records or compilations, family group sheets and charts, family reunion records and similar material are not considered proof on their own. All of the above must be submitted with additional documentation to support the claim.
  • County histories or biographies and published transcriptions of records must include copies of page(s) establishing the fact claimed, and a copy of the title page that includes the name of the publisher and the date of publication.
  • Please feel free to submit photos and biographical narratives of your ancestors in addition to the required lineage documentation.
  • Documentation you submit to the SJGS will not be returned, so please make a copy for your records if desired.
List of Known San Joaquin County Pioneers
(First Families applications and certificates have been prepared for the names shown in bold blue)
ABBOTT, AMERICUS MILLER Sarah Ann Connor, Minnie Fuller Maine 1861
ADAMS, HENRY Sarah Judkins, Edith Spiller, Louise Brown New Hampshire 1842
ADAMS, HENRY Susan Peck Ireland 1869
ADRIANCE, LOUISE WOOLSEY Charles Edward Adriance New York 1880
ALLING, NORMAN E. Loretta Morse Connecticut 1856
ALLEN, FRED CLIFTON Ora Viola Hatch Maine 1884
ALLEN, JAMES LEONARD Elizabeth Grubb Missouri 1914
AMBROSE, WARREN BRYANT Alice Stephens New Hampshire 1882
ANDERSON, DAISY ELAINE James Franklin Salisbury Born San Joaquin County 1865
ANGIER, MELBOURNE E. Antoinnette Hale Vermont 1888
ARCHER, ELLSWORTH Dora Paukett Michigan 1905
ASHLEY, LUCIOUS EDWIN Emma Brannack Pennsylvania 1856
ASHLEY, WILLIAM D. Angeline Jackson Pennsylvania 1852
ATHERTON, GEORGE ALLEN Hattie Weller Marin County 1884
AVERY, DEMAS Mary Reed Iowa 1857
BACON, NICHOLAS KEIVER Frances Thrush Canada 1859
BAILEY, NOYES Hattie Fuller Vermont 1851
BAINBRIDGE, EDWIN DARWIN Addie Aldrich Wisconsin 1874
BANCROFT, GEORGE MASON Flora May Shinn Vermont 1899
BARBER, GEORGE HAMILTON Caroline Potter New York 1877
BARBER, JOSEPH MARTIN Catherine Jane Ward Canada 1863
BARNETT, FRANCIS MARION Ada F. Parker Tennessee 1855
BECKMAN, CHRISTOPHER Marie Langhorst Germany 1853
BECKMAN, FREDERICK Dora Weller Germany 1868
BECKMAN, HENRY Margaret Toni Germany 1853
BECKMAN, WILLIAM Louise Remnart Germany 1853
BEECHER, JOHN LYMAN Hulda Alling Massachusetts 1852
BELDING, CHARLES Josephine Latimer Massachusetts 1852
BELT, GEORGE GORDON Bebiana Ascorca Maryland 1848
BENJAMIN, CHARLES DEWITT Elizabeth Cunningham New York 1849
BIANCHI, JOSEPH Agnes Matteucci Italy 1918
BISCHOGBERGER, JACOB J. Anna Toni Switzerland 1877
BLANCHARD, CHARLES TIMOTHY Sarah Houser New Hampshire 1855
BODEN, WESLEY PALMER Annie Post Missouri 1888
BONNET, JOSEPH WILLIAM Ethel Whitesides Texas 1902
BOTTO, GUISEPPE Flora Italy 1892
BOWDIN, MARY ANN William Manuel England 1895
BOWEN, PARDON MASON Frances Almena Blanding Massachusetts 1852
BOYDEN, WILLIAM HENRY Allie Thompson North Carolina 1886
BRANDT, CHARLES HENRY Theresa Bachman Germany 1872
BRANSTADT, ERIC OLSEN Merit Vike Norway 1881
BROWN, ALBERT GALLATIN Maryann Hall Maine 1855
BROWN, BENJAMIN ESECK Lucy Mae Dean New York 1866
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM SAMUEL Minerva Crawford Virginia 1861
BUDD, JOSEPH H. Lucinda Ash New York 1852
BUGBEE, WILLIAM DELOS Mary Dickinson New York 1856
BUNDS, REBECCA Reason McConnell Born San Joaquin County 1876
CADY, STOEL Nancy Jane Pringle New York 1851
CAHILL, MARTIN Margaret Keane Ireland 1848
CARLON, GEORGE CALDWELL Abbie Lizzie Woodbridge Pennsylvania 1865
CARTER, STANTON LESTER Armenia Oliva New York 1866
CASTLE, CHRISTOPHER Almeda Harelson, Sophie Bush New York 1854
CASTLE, GEORGE HASTING Harriet Oliver New York 1853
CHALMERS, ALEXANDER Fannie Wilkins Canada 1869
CLAPP, NOAH Louisa Stickney Massachusetts 1873
CLARK, ASA Mary Elizabeth Mountjoy New York 1861
CLENDINEN, WILLIAM SIMPSON Catherine Oliver, Charlotte Allbee Mann Illinois 1852
COALE, HARWELL WOODROW Helen Josephine Booth Alabama 1904
COBB, FRANK DYCKMAN Hattie Myers Michigan 1879
COGSWELL, EDWIN BRUCE Sarah Jane Kelton Van Pelt Massachusetts 1850
CONDY, RICHARD Elizabeth Bray England 1853
CONFER, SOLOMON LYTLE Annie Campbell Ohio 1866
COOK, FREDERICK Caroline Germany 1852
COVELL, ELBERT ALLEN Florence McMurtry Alameda County 1888
CRAVIOTTO, JOHN VINCENT Lydia Spadina Italy 1905
CRAWFORD, MORGAN Marietta Castle Illinois 1860
CURRY, WILLIAM CAMPBELL Mary Moore Arkansas 1853
CUTTING, LEWIS M. Catherine Howland Massachusetts 1852
DARRAH, CLEMENT Ann Woods Ohio 1892
DEGENER, AUGUST FRED Getha Mae Fowler Germany 1892
DE VECCHIO, PESLEGRINO Vittoria Parmini Italy 1898
DE VINNY, RICHARD HAROLD Frances L. Brown New York 1884
DOAN, DANIEL MOORE Annie Heffernan Canada 1867
DORRANCE, HENRY TULLY Achsah L. Bird Vermont 1850
DOUGHERTY, LEMUEL JOSIAH Lydia Meeker Maryland 1851
DOYLE, JOHN TONE Mary Elizabeth Tone New York 1876
DRAIS, EDWARD M. Rose Gann Missouri 1852
DRAIS, MADISON JAMES Ann Rebecca McConnell, Lucinda Jane Swinney, Mary Catherine Hall Virginia 1852
DRULLARD, ALYMER FRANCIS Elvira M. dodge Canada 1852
DRUNSFIELD, ALEXANDER Jane Anderson Scotland 1885
DRURY, EUGENE WINSOR Mary Louise Lloyd Massachusetts 1879
DUDLEY, WILLIAM LITTLE Mary C. Doak New Hampshire 1880
DUNHAM, JAMES SKIFF Berenice Bishop Massachusetts 1886
DURHAM, JOHN JACKSON Hanette Josephine Holden Kentucky 1856
ECCLESTON, RANSOM Sarah Elizabeth Samsel Ohio 1854
EKHOLM, H. WATFORD Amanda O. Edenburg Illinois 1912
ELLIOTT, EDMUND Sarah Smith New Hampshire 1858
ELLIS, HENRY MONTGOMERY Mary Graves West Virginia 1864
FANNING, HOWARD MALCOLM Laura Louise Butts New York 1858
FERGUSON, ELI STEWART Mima Lewis Jones Pennsylvania 1875
FINCK, HENRY Lena Rhode Germany 1867
FISHER,  REDWOOD W. Laura Inez Hutchinson Born San Joaquin County 1889
FITZGERALD, EDWARD JOHN Margaret Healey Massachusetts 1867
FOOTE, FORREST Lelia Woodworth,  Laura Finn Coburn New York 1855
FOPPIANO, VICTOR JOHN Jennie Lavagnino Born San Joaquin County 1885
FORD, JAMES Nellie Bryne Ireland 1866
FOWLER, JOSEPH MINER Sarah Bromley Massachusetts 1858
FRANKLIN, RUFUS Elvira Lynch Arkansas 1860
FRASER, PHILIP BARRY Annette Parker, Kittie Crawford Canada 1864
FREGGIARO, LOUIS ANDREW Katherina Ottone Italy 1906
GAEDTKE, JOHANN Maria Kuhlbrun Germany 1869
GALGIANI, NATALE Catherina Peri Switzerland 1872
GATTO, LUIGI Mary Italy 1880
GEFFROY, THOMAS BUSH Hannah Sturtevant Hammond Rhode Island 1867
GERLACH, LOUIS Amelia P. Mersfelder Germany 1855
GERSBACHER, JOSHUA BARR Laura Gross Pennsylvania 1869
GIBBONS, WILLIAM EDWARD Mary Agnes Roley Missouri 1878
GILGERT, JOHN GEORGE Sybilla Martenstein Germany 1852
GILL, THOMAS JEFFERSON Lulu M. Harris Born San Joaquin County 1862
GNEKOW, RUDOLPH Christiana Bollinger Germany 1856
GOMES, ANDREW Charlotte Leetzow Santa Clara County 1875
GOODWIN, BENJAMIN Mary Eleanor Clapp Vermont 1869
GOODWIN, DARIUS Laurinda Shedd Maine 1869
GRAHAM, ROBERT LEVI Caroline Stokes Kentucky 1853
GRAY, HOMER LOUIS Gertrude A. Verback Indiana 1890
GREEN, THOMAS BENTON Atta Beatrice Tindell Arkansas 1884
GREGORY, MANSFIELD F. Anna Gibson England 1870
GROSS, JOHN EMIL Barbara Minges Germany 1853
GROWELL, JOHN DAVES Evaline Fine Illinois 1869
GRUNSKY, CHARLES A. L. Clothilde Camerer, Frederika Camerer, Anna Wurster Germany 1849
GRUPE, JOHN CARSTEN Catherina Margaret Behnke Germany 1852
GUERNSEY, FRED AURIN Cordelia Russell New Hampshire 1879
HALL, ARTHUR LESLIE Henrietta Collins Monroe Stanislaus County 1912
HALE, JOSEPH Mary Poole Massachusetts 1849
HAMILTON, ICOBOD DAVIS Eleanor Davis Ohio 1851
HAMMOND, GEORGE Susanna Shaw Massachusetts 1849
HAMMOND, JOHN Emma Ray Rhode Island 1855
HAMMOND, MOSES Abby Marble Massachusetts 1850
HANSEL, JOSEPH Emma Driesman New York 1852
HARKNESS, GEORGE SUMNER Mary Ann French New York 1853
HARROLD, NATHANIEL SIGGONS Elizabeth Smith, Mary Lodema Butler Pennsylvania 1849
HARSHNER, ANDREW Mary Garver Ohio 1865
HART, WILLIAM T. Maria Gaines Tennessee 1850
HEFFERNAN, PATRICK Ellen Murphy Ireland 1858
HEWLETT, SAMUEL Ann Jeannette McCloud New York 1858
HIEB, WILHELM COLUMBUS Charlotta Russia 1897
HILDRETH, ELIAS Miranda Chamberlain Maine 1860
HILDRETH, GEORGE E. Alice Millington Rhode Island 1861
HOGAN, JAMES M. Judia Vermont 1850
HOGAN, JAMES M. Mary Ann Poppe Germany 1850
HOHENSHELL, ABRAHAM Delilah Pool Pennsylvania 1856
HUBBARD, SYLVESTER Annabelle Ray Connecticut 1880
HUGHES, MELINDA Charles Hild Mariposa County 1897
HUNSUCKER, ADOLPHUS W. Nancy Jane Wilson North Carolina 1849
HUNSUCKER, FLORENCE CAROLINE Charles Edward Isbell Born San Joaquin County 1854
HURD, CHARLES EDWIN Emma Kerr New Hampshire 1864
HYATT, GALEN CANFIELD J. C. Lando Canada 1868
INGLIS, WILLIAM Catherine Mackey Scotland 1851
ISBELL, DANIEL LIVINGSTON Elvira Whitten Kentucky 1849
ISBELL, WILLIAM D. Jane Valentine Scotland 1864
JACK, GEORGE GILESPIE Susan Jane Foster Tennessee 1865
JAHANT, PETER Susan Maley France 1856
JONES, JAMES Rebecca McCutchan Wales 1863
JORY, JAMES Elizabeth Tretheway England 1870
KAPLAN, FRANK MUNROE Margaret Battalion Austria 1891
KERR, WILLIAM REED Frances Brown Scotland 1851
KETCHUM, THOMAS EDMUND Esther Sedgwick New York 1853
KIMBALL, MARY WOODMAN Sherman Driggs, Elisha Averet Rhodes New Hampshire 1853
KINCAID, FREDERICH H. Anna Mary Johnson Iowa 1869
KOONTZ, HENRY Clemance Hay Illinois 1852
KROHN, JOHN Sophia Schlictman Germany 1881
LANGMAID, ORRIN GREEN Leonora Mallard Vermont 1866
LEARNED, DANIEL ADAM Genna Davis Hall Massachusetts 1866
LEETZOW, GOTTFRIED Marie Otto Germany 1877
LEFFLER, GEORGE JACOB Frederika Hecker Germany 1852
LEITCH, ARCHIBALD Anna Lansing North Carolina 1852
LEMON, WALTER WILSON Rufina French Canada 1878
LEONARDI, DOMENICO Maddalena Stagnaro Italy 1890
LEWIS, DAVID Mary Medlin Vermont 1860
LEWIS, EMANUEL Maria Clark Pennsylvania 1856
LEWIS, THOMAS DAVID Caroline Case Calaveras County 1883
LOCKE, DEAN JEWETT Delia Hammond New Hampshire 1851
MANN, STEPHEN H. Hattie Gordon Hodge Vermont 1860
MANUEL, JOHN Maryann Williams, Mary Malispina England 1896
MAYBERRY, WILEY WENTON Joanna Hunting Iowa 1870
MCCLOUD, ALONZO Lillie Carter Massachusetts 1849
MCKEE, ANDREW Elizabeth Tittle Pennsylvania 1868
MCQUEEN, PETER Jane Ireland 1855
MESSER, GEORGE H. Metta Von Bremen Germany 1880
MILLER, LAWRENCE LEE Nellie Mae Goodwin Born San Joaquin County 1878
MILLER, MILTON Sarah Maxwell Missouri 1851
MILLS, FREEMAN Minerva Grace Pennsylvania 1857
MINGES, GEORGE Birdie Williams Born San Joaquin County 1867
MINGES, JOHN Philapena Leicht Germany 1850
MOHR, JOHN Marie Panz Germany 1857
MOORE, WILLIAM Elizabeth Miller New York 1853
MORSE, LORENZO MARION Sarah Elliott Maine 1859
MORTON, FREEMAN Kathleen Brown New York 1849
MOSHER, GEORGE LINCOLN Martha Ann Klock New York 1857
MOSS, WILLIAM SIMMS Mary Choate, Caroline Buttrick Virginia 1861
MURPHY, JOHN D. Bridget Vizzard Ireland 1864
NUEMILLER, CHRISTIAN Marie Mey Germany 1859
NEWMAN, WILLIAM Dora Born San Joaquin County 1884
NICEWONGER, HAYS Cynthia Castle Pennsylvania 1869
NUTTER, WILLIAM BRONSON Clara Belle Davis Nevada County 1888
PAGE, CHARLES AUGUSTUS Laura Brown Calaveras County 1880
PAHL, EMIL Pauline Dietrich Germany 1870
PAMBIANCO, DOMENICO Argentina Podesto Italy 1882
PAMPEL, JOHN DAVID Minnie Bales Iowa 1888
PARKER, THOMAS BARNES Martha Givens Kentucky 1854
PERI, GUISEPPE ANTONIO Catherine Delmotti Switzerland 1857
PERRYMAN, JOHN Ann Draper England 1851
PETER, CHARLES MERRIMAN Eliza Jane Peck, Catherine Lamb Kentucky 1864
PEYTON, VALENTINE MASON Harriet Virginia Kimberlin Virginia 1852
POPE, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Rebecca Eddleman Tennessee 1861
POPE, JAMES HENRY Salmona Avery Arkansas 1861
POSEY, JEREMIAH M. Elizabeth Lucas Alabama 1867
RAPPS, CHRISTINA ANNIE John Daniel Gilgert Wisconsin 1885
RATTO, BENEDETTO Catherine Vallerga Italy 1877
RATTO, BENJAMIN LEO Alice Gertrude Asmussen Born San Joaquin County 1918
RATTO, JOSEPH GUISEPPE Angeline Vallerga Italy 1880
RAY, ROBERT Ann Elizabeth McKee Pennsylvania 1868
RIDENOUR, ELI H. Delilah Harris Pennsylvania 1880
ROBINSON, WILLIAM Flora Pitz Virginia 1851
ROGERS, SAMUEL JOSIAH SMITH Mary Belcher Connecticut 1851
ROHRBACHER, HENRI Caroline Leffler France 1868
ROTHENBUSH, DANIEL Amelia Alexander Germany 1859
SALMON, CUTLER Janet Reynolds Wisconsin 1853
SARGENT, ROSWELL CHAPMAN Catherine Isabell Smith New Hampshire 1850
SAYLES, ALBERT DELOSSE Sarah Jane Comstock Rhode Island 1859
SCALLY, PATRICK Mary Dowd Ireland 1876
SCHLICTMAN, CLAUS Anna Van Der Leith Germany 1866
SELLMAN, LAFAYETTE Margaret Coon, Maggie Sexton New York 1850
SELNA, LEOPOLD PAULO Josephine Galgiani Switzerland 1857
SHANNON, WILLIAM WALTER Eleanor Fisher, Lucy Packard Day Ohio 1896
SHIPPEE, LODWICK UPDIKE Mary E. Spencer Rhode Island 1856
SHURTLEFF, GEORGE AUGUSTUS Mary Jane Nye Massachusetts 1850
SNOW, BENJAMIN Elizabeth Myers Ohio 1851
SPERRY, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Caroline Phillips New York 1861
STEPHENS, CHRISTOPHER STRUM Melissa Walker, Lavinda Potts Kentucky 1861
STOCKWELL, EMMONS RUDOLPHUS Charlotte Littlefield Vermont 1851
STROUP, THOMAS URIAH Annie Hansel Stanislaus County 1898
SWAIN, CORNELIUS Juliza Catherine Davis Tennessee 1853
SWIFT, RUFUS STEDMAN Elizabeth Ann Burke New York 1856
SWINNERTON, JAMES GUILFORD Jannette Allen, Laura Barnes Bransford Wisconsin 1879
TALBOT, PATRICK Margaret Curry Ireland 1853
TALMAGE, JAMES Mary Smith New York 1849
THOMAS, ALBERT STOKES Sarah Lewis North Carolina 1867
THOMPSON, JOHN Catherine Shank Pennsylvania 1874
THOMPSON, JOHN CHATTEN Caroline Rutledge Virginia 1852
THOMSEN, THOMAS Ida Bresa Germany 1868
THRUSH, FANNIE Nicholas Keiver Bacon Born San Joaquin County 1859
THRUSH, GEORGE WILLIAM Dora Elizabeth Ebeling Pennsylvania 1859
TINDELL, PLEASANT HAY Fannie Doggett Born San Joaquin County 1888
TINDELL, SAMUEL HENEGAR Mary Ellen Hay Tennessee 1880
TONE, JOHN HENLEY Mary Alice Walsh New York 1850
TRAHERN, GEORGE WASHINGTON Henrietta Childers Mississippi 1869
TRETHEWAY, EDWARD ARTHUR Ellen Yelland England 1868
TRETHEWAY, WILLIAM Ellen England 1889
TRIPP, DANIEL DWELLY Sarah Allen Massachusetts 1881
TULL, TERRANCE COLUMBUS Mary Wall North Carolina 1853
VAN BUSKIRK, CHARLES LEVER Angie Bertha Crocker Canada 1893
VAN GELDER, CLAUDE WHITNEY Charlotte Maud Jones Michigan 1878
VICKROY, HARVEY E. Caroline L. Smith Iowa 1910
VINCENT, WALTER Emily Ladd Born San Joaquin County 1862
VISHER, PUTMAN Lucy Gardner, Louisa Wolf New York 1866
WAGENER, ERNEST Anne Petter Germany 1852
WAGNER, CHARLES Philippina Simon Germany 1853
WAKEFIELD, CHARLES E. Mary Emma Watson Maine 1882
WALKSMUTH, EDWARD N. Bayer Germany 1878
WARDROBE, ALFRED DAY Rebecca Macy Born San Joaquin County 1867
WATERMAN, GEORGE ELTON Nellie F. Gruwell Massachusetts 1876
WATROUS, BENJAMIN Ellen Goff Massachusetts 1870
WATSON, DAVID Catherine Hemphill Ireland 1860
WEBB, JAMES Anna Jones Kentucky 1854
WEBER, CHARLES Helen Murphy Germany 1847
WEBSTER, JOSHUA BERTRAM Alta Marie Stowe, Helen Morgan Massachusetts 1857
WELSH, JAMES MILLER Mary E. Wheeler Scotland 1882
WEST, GEORGE Ellen King Massachusetts 1852
WETHERBEE, GEORGE W. Eva Litchfield New York 1877
WHITE, CORWIN DOUGLASS Effie Posey Michigan 1884
WILCOX, ROBERT RILEY Julia Summers Titman Rhode Island 1880
WILHOIT, ROLEY EARLY Delia Dwelly, Janet French Tilton Kentucky 1852
WILLIAMS, RICHARD WHITE Amanda Jane Ireland Tennessee 1863
WISNER, EDWARD TRUMAN Sarah Handley Michigan 1905
WOLF, ANDREW Anamda Dwelly Ohio 1865
WOOD, THOMAS SAVERY Elizabeth Algeo Massachusetts 1849
WOODHULL, LLOYD R. Alice Ridenour Canada 1910
WOODS, EXEKIEL WILLIAMSON SMITH Lydia Downing, Alice Markle Missouri 1857
WRIGHT, SILAS ELMER Isabell Ruffner Wisconsin 1887
WYLIE, THOMAS LYTLE Harriet Johnson Ohio 1858
YAPLE, PERRY Eliza Ann Knapp, Martha Burley Clark New York 1862
YEE, JANN Ah Tim China 1867
YOLLAND, CHARLES WILLIAM Maria Rachel Mills Iowa 1880
YOST, FRED Margaret Wolf Pennsylvania 1850
YROZ, DOMINGO Florence Uritzaga France 1894
ZIEGLER, WILLIAM JACOB Elizabeth Charters Germany 1868
ZORING, PETER Meta H. Lange Germany 1892